Hey, babes! What a productive day today. Me and my sweet friend we did some photos today. The weather in Milan is unbelievable. Every day so cloudy and rainy, I really don’t like. I want the sun and hot weather. I think I need to change the city haha. Anyway, the photos came out really good with this kind of weather so I’m happy about that. We had also lunch in one really cozy place in Navigli. Definitely, i’m going back there one day.
Kisses, K!

Hey armsad! Täna oli/on päris produktiivne päev. Mul on ikka nii armas sõbrannake, kes mind hädast välja aitas, sest oli pilte vaja teha. Siin Milaanos on uskumatult kole ilm alati ja väga raske on teha pilte sellise ilmaga. Kindlasti profifotograafi jaoks see vast poleks midagi. Aga mina tahan päikest ja sooja ilma, ilmselt peaks vist linna vahetama hakkama haha. Igaljuhul usun, et saime hästi hakkama. Pärast kui pildid tehtud, tegime väikse hilise lõuna Navigli ääres. Läksime ühte bubisse/kohvikusse, ei teagi kuidas seda nüüd nimetada aga nägi välja päris vägev vintage’i stiilis koht. Kindlasti läheks tagasi veel!
Paid, K!




Hey loves! Going through some online shops, like i love to do.Today i did damage to my bank account on And I found those cuties. Can’t wait to wear them when it’s more warmer and sunnier.Especially i like the biker jacket in the middle, love the bright colour. And also the details on the boots.
If you love them as well then i did but the links so you can find them easily.
Hugs, K!

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-Where are you from?
I’m from Estonia, small country next to Latvia, Russia and Findland.

-Do you have brothers/sisters?
I have one bigger brother

-Do you like to shop?
Not really. But like i like to say then shopping is my gym. Mostly I shop online.

-What’s one of the scariest things you’ve ever done?
I think the first time when i moved out from home and did go to live in Greece.


-Do you think it’s better to get married when you’re young or better to wait a while?
For sure to get married when you are young and found the right person.

-Would you rather live in the country or in the city?

-How do you like your steak cooked?
I don’t eat meat

-If you could visit any country in the world, where would you go?
I would like to go to Maldives or Bali



Hey loves! A day full of work and seems it never ends haha. Need to be happy about that. Finally it’s saturday and i can sleep all day tomorrow…not really. Anyway if you are not following me in instagram feel free to do it, my name there is kkristiinasaar. Here i’ll try to post more personal staff and whatever i can create. Hopefully soon i can add also much more interesting pictures, so stay tuned!

Hugs, K!

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Hey my loves! Woke up today at 9 am and can’t be happier because i don’t like to sleep all day but i was sure yesterday that today it will be the day when i’ll sleep all day because i did go to bed too late haha!
Anyway, found those sunglasses and can’t be more in love. These are like perfect sunny glasses they come in three different kind of shapes and many colors. Other important thing is that they don’t cost much, so everybody can have them. Good job CHIMI

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I have always loved to eat healthy but somedays it’s harder than other days to stay healthy. Also i can’t say im totally vegan because sometimes i eat something what  contains milk, egg or fish. I have to say that the meat is always out from my menu.  But this sometimes is really rare so i don’t know who am i. Anyway who cares haha. Now let’s speak about one juice what i’m loving right now. And what’s funny about that is that years ago i had an allergie for the oranges and tangerines but now it’s gone, wohoo! So the “magic drink”  is called orange juice. I do it every morning and evening at home by myself. Organic juice is 100 times better than this juice what you buy from the shop (it’s without fiber).
So let’s speak about benefits of the organic orange juice.
It’s boosting you immune system and metabolism, good for people who want to lose weight,  reduces signs of aging, detoxyfing your body etc. And it’s aslo full of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C-A, potassium, magnesium, proteins, iron, fiber etc.
But you have to stay carful how much you drink it, drinking too much it doesn’t do good.

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Today was such an awesome day! Finally it wasn’t freezing cold outside and sun was shining like in summertime. Loving those days, these days are so inspirational. Anyway after waking up I couldn’t stay home and look tv like I love to do sometimes. I decided to for a walk and also I had an appointment to hairdresser. Why it’s sooooo hard to find a good hairdresser here in Milan. Im like the pirate who’s looking the gold and never finding it! Maybe one day haha. Anyway here’s some photo collages for inspiration while we the summer


So here it comes, my first blogpost. I think I should say something about myself. Ok, im Estonian and living in Milan. Working as a lash artist, at least they call it like this haha. I love fashion even if to my close friends and family doesn’t seem so. Anyway, let’s see what brings this blog.
Here in Milan it’s so cold, so couple of weeks ago i went to search a good warm jacket but i failed. I found one nice jacket from Zara but unfortunately it’s really thin, so im still freezing haha.Found one with leopard pattern and i totally love it. It’s such an amazing pattern what goes never out of fashion.

Nii, nüüd siis see tuleb, minu esimene blogipostitus. Arvan, et peaksin enda kohta midagi mainima. Algus seegi. Olgu, olen eestlane kes elab Milaanos ja kes töötab ripsmetehnikuna. Eesti keeles kõlab vähe paremini. Olen alati moodi armastanud, isegi kui mu perele ja sõpradele pole see kunagi sedamoodi tundunud. Kuid eks näeme edasipidistes postitustes, mis ma suudan välja mõelda.
Hetkel Milaanos on väga jahe, arvad ikka, et elad lõunapool ja peaks siiski soojem olema, kuid mitte. Mõni nädal tagasi läksin sooja jope otsingutele aga seda jopet ma siiski ei leinud ning leidsin hoopis ühe leopardi mustriga jaki. Ei ole see just kõige soojem, kuid võitis mu südame hetkega. Seega nüüd ma siis külmetan edasi siin Milaano karges ilmas.


That was my first and most hardest post ever i think. But it’s always hard to start with something new. New year new start! haha

See oli ilmselt mu üks kõige raskemaid postitusi. Raske on alustada midagi uut ja teadmata, mis edasi saab. Kuid uus aasta ja uus algus, miks mitte!?