Don’t miss it! 

Hey, loves! I just cant figure out how to find time to blog more. Didn’t think it’s that difficult haha. 

Anyway, few days ago I had my first training with the personal trainer here in Milan. And while we were training I didn’t feel that those exercises are effective but now two days later I’m still in my muscle pain! Haha! I have to say that he’s good! Looking forward what’s going to happen in the future! 

And also like you see from above on the pictures that my long waited hair oil or let’s say hair miracle arrived. And can you look the packaging, it’s just gorgeous! Anyway, I just started to see how my hair are breaking from the ends and it’s really frustrating. But now they have been stopped breaking and they feel MUCH more moisturized and healthy than before. Also this oil doesn’t smell artificial like most of the products we find from the shops. It smells fresh with an minimal honey fragrance. Can’t wait to see the results after one or two months of using it! I’ll keep you updated how they will be after couple of months because we blondes know the struggle with keeping the hair healthy and moisturized. 

Hugs, K! 


4 thoughts on “Don’t miss it! 

  1. ahhh the dreaded day 2 and 3 after an initial workout, let me just say OUCH. Luckily it gets better after a couple of weeks of working out. I’m excited to see how the honey oil works out!! Can’t wait 🙂


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