Hey, babes! Happy Monday! I love Mondays because they are sign of new beginning, new week, the time when you can start again and do something better. 

But the most important thing what I want to tell you is this bag. I can’t be happier finding this bag. It looks so nice and elegant. But the most biggest plus why I like it so much is what’s inside of it. 

So, inside of the handbag there’s power bank for charge you phone, yes you read it right, charger for your phone. Isn’t it so cool? But it’s not the end. There’s also light in the bag. So, if you don’t find something or if it’s dark, you will find it for sure. There’s also Bluetooth speaker, call notifications and pockets for devices. 

Of course the price is not low but if you look what’s coming with the bag I’m sure that it’s well spent money! 

So, go check out this page: 

The code what you can use is: Saar25 for 25% off 

Happy shopping guys! Kisses, K! 


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