Hey, sweethearts! Happy Wednesday to all. My day has been full of stuff and only now I can sit front of my computer, write the blog post and relax a little. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you all what I did today but in the future, I’ll tell you for sure. One of the good news is that I’m going to work together with on of the swimwear brands. So it was right decision to go to the gym haha. Keep your I also on my Instagram account if you’re interested what’s going on in my life @kkristiinasaar. Anyway, now I will clean my home a little, also work a little more and then off to the gym. Can’t wait to see one thousand people in the gym all together.
And as you can see above, I’m obsessed with From them most I want that off shoulder blouse put together with the denim skirt. I will stop now if you are interested in any of these pieces you can click on the picture and find the link there.
Hugs, K!


7 thoughts on “WEDNESDAY WANTIES

  1. Yay! Wednesday wanties are all casuals. I love casual outfits ’cause they make fashion fun and not too serious.
    I love the denim Skirt along with the off-the-shoulder white top. Your Wednesday wanties are all distinct items. I love ’em all!!


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