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Hey, Loves! I’m back again with some outfit pics from today. It was such a nice sunny and warm day. Me and my friend we had one Aperol Spritz on the roof of Rinascente and we just enjoyed the Sunday. I supposed to go also to the gym but I was too lazy after the drink under the sun so I ended up going home haha.
Ok, something interesting about the photos as well. This wall has been made by Diesel to protest over the wall between America and Mexico. I think the idea is really sweet, so we decided to take some photos next to this wall.
Hope you enjoy the photos!
Hugs, K!


Don’t miss it! 

Hey, loves! I just cant figure out how to find time to blog more. Didn’t think it’s that difficult haha. 

Anyway, few days ago I had my first training with the personal trainer here in Milan. And while we were training I didn’t feel that those exercises are effective but now two days later I’m still in my muscle pain! Haha! I have to say that he’s good! Looking forward what’s going to happen in the future! 

And also like you see from above on the pictures that my long waited hair oil or let’s say hair miracle arrived. And can you look the packaging, it’s just gorgeous! Anyway, I just started to see how my hair are breaking from the ends and it’s really frustrating. But now they have been stopped breaking and they feel MUCH more moisturized and healthy than before. Also this oil doesn’t smell artificial like most of the products we find from the shops. It smells fresh with an minimal honey fragrance. Can’t wait to see the results after one or two months of using it! I’ll keep you updated how they will be after couple of months because we blondes know the struggle with keeping the hair healthy and moisturized. 

Hugs, K! 


Hey, babes! Happy Monday! I love Mondays because they are sign of new beginning, new week, the time when you can start again and do something better. 

But the most important thing what I want to tell you is this bag. I can’t be happier finding this bag. It looks so nice and elegant. But the most biggest plus why I like it so much is what’s inside of it. 

So, inside of the handbag there’s power bank for charge you phone, yes you read it right, charger for your phone. Isn’t it so cool? But it’s not the end. There’s also light in the bag. So, if you don’t find something or if it’s dark, you will find it for sure. There’s also Bluetooth speaker, call notifications and pockets for devices. 

Of course the price is not low but if you look what’s coming with the bag I’m sure that it’s well spent money! 

So, go check out this page: http://www.mezzi.com/?tap_a=15937-de60a7&tap_s=86475-f4cdda 

The code what you can use is: Saar25 for 25% off 

Happy shopping guys! Kisses, K! 


Hey, sweethearts! Happy Wednesday to all. My day has been full of stuff and only now I can sit front of my computer, write the blog post and relax a little. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you all what I did today but in the future, I’ll tell you for sure. One of the good news is that I’m going to work together with on of the swimwear brands. So it was right decision to go to the gym haha. Keep your I also on my Instagram account if you’re interested what’s going on in my life @kkristiinasaar. Anyway, now I will clean my home a little, also work a little more and then off to the gym. Can’t wait to see one thousand people in the gym all together.
And as you can see above, I’m obsessed with nakd.com. From them most I want that off shoulder blouse put together with the denim skirt. I will stop now if you are interested in any of these pieces you can click on the picture and find the link there.
Hugs, K!


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Hey, loves! Happy Monday, hope you are all doing well. Here it’s only eight o’clock in the evening and I want to sleep already haha. Anyway today was one of the productive days. I meet up with my friend, we had a small lunch or let say brunch. After what we went to the gym and made the subscription. About what I’m really happy because you know all that the summer is coming haha. No, I’m kidding, it’s just the good way to move yourself and relieve the stress what I need so badly. So let’s hope that we will be good girls and use the gym as much as possible. After what we did go to see also one apartment and then it was already time to go home.
Before going home we stopped by one little “shop” of fruits and veggies. I bought one of the most tasteful Mango in my entire life. Too good to be true haha.
Sure lots of you will ask what blouse I am wearing and It’s one of the bodysuits from Missguided. Unfortunately, it’s out of stock now but keep your eye on it maybe it’s coming back to stock.
But for now Ciaoo!
Hugs, K!



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Hey my loves! Or I should start the blog “OMG I MET NEGIN” ?! Yes, I met her finally. She’s such a nice person and a woman to who you can look up to. I just can’t describe how I feel towards her. I have followed her blog for now 4 years and I’m so proud where she has arrived. Before meeting her I was not sure how I will react but of course when we had the chance to chat I lost all my words because she’s so perfect and I couldn’t believe that I had this chance. I think you all know the feeling if you have met someone who you admire and look up to hahah.
Anyway, she had an event in Tea Rose Boutique in Milan where she presented two hair products named Gisou. One is hair oil and other heat protection. The products are bee/honey based. As we know honey is the key ingredient. Not only a source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, honey also maintains the hair’s natural moisture balance. Resulting in stronger, healthier locks. A multipurpose oil for pre-styling and finishing, as well as a nourishing addition to your hair mask or overnight treatment.
So I can promise you that these products are good, especially the oil. I was at first little bit scared that it will make my hair too oily and heavy because I have really thin hair. But no, the oil leaves your hair so silky and healthy looking. Go for it, my friends!!!
Now I will go rest and start working with other things.
Hugs, K!


Hey, babes! Happy Sunday, hope you are all doing good. I did put together one collage above about the pieces what I’m currently loving from NA-KD.com and these are on SALE, so hurry up if you want something. I love summer, so all of them are more summery outfits. And those oversized sunglasses or just must have.
Anyway, no I’m going outside to see a little bit of sunshine. So needed.
Kisses, K!

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Hey, Loves! Don’t even mind that on the second picture I’m like sleeping haha. I woke up today I think before 8 am and cleaned all my home. That’s crazy how much stuff I need to throw away. I have too many clothes what I don’t wear anymore.
And finally today it was beautiful weather and we were able to take better photos with sunlight. I just love that leopard printed coat from Zara with some basic black leggings and sneakers. You can also check out my Instagram where I post more often @kkristiinasaar .

Also today I did go to look one apartment what was really nice but only the area I didn’t like, sooo, I don’t know. We will see what happens, if I don’t find the new apartment then I need to change the city hahah.
Kisses, K!



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Hello babes! Finally arrived Sunday. The day when you don’t need to do nothing haha! Expect writing the blog what I love to do of course. I will try to post 2-3 times in a week what obviously is not much at all. But unfortunately I don’t have this time to post every day. And I’m not sure if it’s necessary to write also in Estonian because a lot of Estonians they understand well English. So if you still want me to write in Estonian let me know in the comments and also if you have any ideas what you would like to see on my blog let me know! I would love to read what you would like.
Happy Sunday, K!